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ALISON GANNETT is a self-sufficient farmer, World Champion Extreme FreeSkier, pro mountain biker, award-winning global cooling consultant, and founder of the multiple non-profits, including Save Our Snow. In addition to her busy careers as an athlete, athlete ambassador and keynote speaking, she runs her KEEN Rippin Chix Camps – women’s steep skiing, biking and surf camps around the globe. She adores inspiring others through her speaking – adrenaline-filled ski movies, worldwide glacial recession documentation, reluctant farming, solutions and failures for global cooling, and cooking to conquer cancer.

She has appeared in many movies, TV shows, and Magazines receiving many awards for her work: Ski Magazine’s Ski Hero of the Year, National Geographic’s Woman Adventurer of the Year, Big Mtn Freeskiing Champion-Canada, South America+Japan, Powder Magazine’s “48 Greatest Skiers of All Time” Freeskier Magazine’s “FreeSkier of the Year” and Outside Magazine’s “Green All-Star of theYear” next to Leonardo DiCaprio and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Always an advocate of walking the talk, she has spent half a lifetime working to make the world a better place – designing/building the first straw home in a National Historic District, creating the world’s first solar SUV, fighting fracking for natural gas, and creating local food infrastructures. Over the past 15 year she has reduced her own personal carbon footprint/energy use by more than half, with her professional training as an energy including a quest to grow and raise all her own food. In 2010, she and her husband Jason bought Holy Terror Farm, eliminating her dependence completely on the grocery store from that moment onward.

In July 2013 a deadly baseball-sized malignant cancerous deadly brain tumor was discovered. After an initial partial surgery, Alison has forgone traditional approaches and instead has used a ketogenic diet, DNA testing, and new lifestyle starve the remaining cancers and provide health to the rest of her body. She uses 50-60 modern diagnostic blood tests monthly to make sure her health is constantly improving. Her new goal is to help others customize their diets and lifestyles to either prevent cancer or conquer cancer, and also to start ketogenic cooking camps at their farm.

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