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Energize, educate, and inspire audiences for your fundraiser, conference, or training. Alison can provide a vibrant and inspirational multi media presentation, specially customized for your event.

Conquering Cancer Alison Gannett is World Champion Extreme Skier, Ski Film Star, Green All-Star, and founder of multiple non-profits including Cooking to Conquer Cancer. As a climate change consultant wanting to walk the talk, she and her husband grow and raise all their own food on Holy Terror Farm in Paonia, Colorado. Diagnosed with “terminal” brain cancer in 2013, she opted out of chemo and radiation, choosing to instead use her own FARM-acy along with her fearless athletic nature, and a host of ancestral and futuristic methods to conquer her cancer. Email Alison for more information. Speaking topics can be customized for your event and may include your choice of the following:

  • How she doubled her therapeutic ketosis levels
  • Why allergy testing, blood testing, food choices, and decreasing exercise became essential in reducing her inflammation
  • Which futuristic methods worked best for arresting her cancering process and creating health
  • Which old-fashioned methods worked best for her cancering process and creating health
  • Which testing methods became essential in searching for the root causes
  • Which environmental factors played into the root cause of her cancer
  • Which tests and methods she uses to reduce stressors and improve sleep
  • Which DNA SNiP’s played into the cancering process and how limited the expression of those genes for health
  • How she tested, monitored and optimized her immune system and microbiome
  • Why she choose to skip chemo and radiation for her type of brain cancer
  • How she cooks from her FARM-acy to conquer cancer using old-fashioned techniques
  • What worked and didn’t work to create positive results – such as conquering her polycystic ovarian syndrome, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, breast fibroids, and preventing growth, regrowth, and spreading of the malignant tumors.

Alison Gannett’s Global Cooling Ski Adventure Show From jaw-dropping cliff drops to shower-curtain wall descents, entertain yourself with this World Champion’s lifetime journey to save our snow. Discover Alison’s successes and failures while watching crazy ski adventure videos, all while reducing her footprint by 50%. Discover her favorite ski areas that have disappeared in the last ten years, along successes and failures – including her solar-electric SUV, building her strawbale home her quest for food self-sufficiency, and move to human powered adventure over heli-skiing and snowmobiles. This show can be focused on entertainment and adventure only, a combo of inspiration/education or strongly on how to save our snow and water for future generations. Email Alison for booking requests. More…

Green Your Business: Be Green, Save Green This seminar focuses on a business plan framework to systematically green your business, school, event, community or government. Learn how Alison’s simple four-step transparent and authentic strategy can improve sales, reduce waste, save energy, increase employee retention, and develop more customer loyalty. Study real world company and community examples – such as Walmart, Head Skis, Timberland, City of Fort Collins, and Patagonia, and how they have made measurable and meaningful changes. Email Alison for booking requests. More..